If you’ve reached this page like most I bet you’re aspiring to greater strength and physical fitness; to be better respected as an individual; to master self-defense for yourself and your loved ones; to be happier and better disciplined; and to be more successful in your personal life. I could spend hours listing your aspirations point by point, but you get the picture already. Unlike most people you’ve already recognised the power of MMA in achieving each and every goal, but there is a strong, growing realization across the USA that mastering the Mixed Martial Arts brings countless benefits.

You, however, are looking at a wiser and more innovative training course with a much higher success rate than old fashioned classes with high drop-out rates. So we pose one simple question to you: why spend hundreds of dollars each month on classes when you can be coached by real pros any time you choose for a fraction of the price? As you read this we are already training the MMA gurus of tomorrow through our professional course. With us you’ve got the chance to be a winner too.

Our course – ‘Mixed Martial Arts: The basics of Jujitsu and MMA’ is the ultimate guide to learning your own unique style of self defense. Tuition and classes are ineffective and amateurish, not to mention sometimes even unaffordable. Only a tiny percentage of members ever go on to succeed. Although practice is crucial there is no substitute for a sound understanding of the secret strategies and techniques we teach. Our course will show you exactly how to practice and what to do in order to develop your skills in an ultra-fast fashion.

Our philosophy is based on a professional understanding of self-defense, martial arts and MMA. We know that defining strength simply by how much you bench press or the size of a muscle is seriously flawed. Rather the techniques we nurture in you can help a man defined as ‘weak’ by his unskilled rivals floor those very same people in seconds. It’s simply about technique, and anyone can learn it with the right course. We see time and time again the smaller man have his larger opponent squirming and it’s easier than you think. For those who want to develop their physical strength whilst learning MMA we also have sections that’ll help you develop a ripped physique if that’s the route you want.

Our professionals cover MMA and also Jujitsu for you – the latter a martial art based on techniques such as strikes, throws and locks. In ancient times it was used by armored warriors in battle. Today it is considered one of the most accomplished forms of self defense around. Our book helps hone your skills, and in it you’ll learn about:

  • Four methods of combat that are used in jujitsu, guaranteed to floor your opponent.
  • What kind of actions go along with the methods.
  • Kata competitions.
  • Five main sectors of the arts of jujitsu training, what they stand for, and what they mean to you. 
  • And much, much more!

Getting your copy of our course can help you to master what it takes to protect yourself from the opponent – whether it be in competition or day to day life. And what your local class won’t tell you is that MMAGod can provide professional ONE-to-ONE tuition for a fraction of the price and a TREBLED success rate.

Jujitsu and MMA is about more than being just a skilled warrior. It is also used as a mental and physical tool to help you gain self-confidence.  It is not just for attacking your opponent and defending yourself.  You will be able to gain discipline and strength just by implementing these techniques and methods. And again, the MMAGod pros know how to hone your mind and spirit like no other course around.

You’ll learn about:

  • Four techniques used in jujitsu that bring inner calm and discipline.
  • Sweeps and Escapes for Self Defense!
  • Twelve principles of striking, what they stand for and how you can use them to defeat anyone (even twice your size)!
  • The meaning of a throw.
  • Five types of extraordinarily effective throws.
  • How the biting, gouging, poking and grasping techniques are used in jujitsu, and how you can use them to your advantage.
  • The meaning of atemi!
  • How to perform a seamless, controlled takedown!
  • How to perform rolling techniques.
  • How to perform an arm bar.
  • How to inflict agony on an opponent by performing a wrist lock.
  • The differences between the grappling styles, and when to use each variety.


There’s no sense in waiting until something happens or you want to get into competition to start learning.  Just think – this guide can provide you with the upper edge you need to get ahead.  Don’t squander the moment by being behind.  There are other people who want to learn about these tactics themselves. Regardless of whether you want to become a fighter or just a potent self-defense machine, you need a copy of our course today.

It’s important that people know how to protect themselves.  Or if they just want to have fun in a competition, then by all means, our guide can help you to master the key techniques needed to humiliate your opponents. 

MMA is a wide and varied topic. But be reassured – many of today’s UFC pros didn’t start training of any description until adulthood. The key is not in spending countless hours toiling away each day with minimal progress. It is to learn from the real pros how to understand and master the techniques that work in the ring and in real life. So what are you waiting for? The best time to start is right now! 

Both in life and in the ring there will be times when your opponents and enemies will use illegal moves to gain power over you.  In many ways the ring and the real world aren’t so different. Most people are in it for the same reason you are – to win. What we do is make it easy for you to steal an edge over every single other person. We’re a step up if you like, a serious advantage.  Within a matter of weeks you’ll be able to blow away your opponents and others just as soon as you begin applying the techniques and methods herein.

We also cover:

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What other customers are saying:

Tony, W. Va. – Hi guys, I’ve been meaning to drop you a little letter of thanks for a while now. I’ve been too busy to email for weeks, but in a good way! The principles of confidence I learned in the MMAGod course really turned around my social life and relationship situation. Although fortunately (as yet!) I haven’t had to implement my newly learned self-defense strategies my friends and colleagues are already showing 10x more repsect after I demonstrated the lock manoeuvres taught in the course. What I want to stress to people is that MMA is about so much more than just fighting. I feel stronger, fresher and more sure in myself than ever before. Thanks so much.

Chet, NY. – Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It felt absolutely AMAZING to stand up to guys who’ve been pushing me around at my new gym. It’s riduclous, I almost can’t believe it myself but I floored a big guy (twice my size) three days a go and since then I haven’t been hassled since. Can’t wait to make more progress now!