Oct 2011 12

Have you ever experienced the doldrums where you begin to question yourself and feel down? Do you need something to pick you up and make you feel alive again? It’s no question that exercise is a great remedy for the doldrums, but many are no longer motivated to follow a traditional practical route via the Martial Arts. I’ve seen time and time again the effectiveness of the various arts in improving people’s physical and psychological wellbeing but the reason is sometimes difficult to pinpoint. Self respect is tied to self esteem and the martial arts instil respect in all ‘apprentices’. Not only this, but the human psyche can be profoundly boosted by a sense of purpose and a belief that we are strong and capable of defending both ourselves and our families.  By adopting a Martial Art you set yourself on a path of improvement.

I have personally recommended Martial Arts training to many who have felt this way with great success. Training for self-defense or fighting gets to the very core of the human psyche primarily because genetically, we were designed to survive, and of course that includes defending ourselves.

With this in mind, it’s no coincidence that people begin to start feeling better when they begin some form of Martial Arts training. This goes way beyond the physical aspects of good training; it begins to get to the matter of having a clear sense of progress and attainment. Over the years many a person has questioned their sense of purpose as they sat in an office cubicle or classroom gazing out the window. This is perfectly normal. But what I’m telling you is sometimes the solution lies right before your eyes.

Bear in mind there are countless forms of Martial Arts training and many different styles. There are programs for beginners, those who just want to be exposed to a system, cardio classes for a good workout, and those places to go where you can learn to be a fighter, whether you choose to fight out in the world or not.

The workout you get from a Martial Arts training program can be all over the map. There are programs where you barely bust a sweat to the extreme systems where you’re training very hard. My advice is always being slow and you’ll gradually find the type of training that was meant for you. Don’t overtrain in the beginning or you may become disillusioned and quit. The key to success is commitment, forward thinking and common sense. Set yourself achievable goals and work towards them with determination.

If you’re determined to master MMA yourself but tired of typical training routines, find classes expensive or simply want to become a Mixed Martial Arts guru at your own leisure I’d certainly recommend taking a look at our online tuition program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Apr 2011 14

If you appreciate a strong, healthy self confidence that carries you through overwhelming times and drives you to achieving your most far reaching goals, martial arts is for you.

A person’s self-confidence is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised in order to grow and develop. In the 20 plus years that I’ve been teaching Martial Arts in our community we have developed a 5 step approach to building self-confidence. These 5 steps can be learned by anyone – with the right guidance:

1. Correct Body Posture. The importance of the correct body posture is paramount. We all send hidden, sub-conscious messages with our body language and the way we carry ourselves. Carry yourself with pride, confidence and security. Carry yourself like a successful person and your confidence will show.

2. Proper Eye Contact. Making proper eye contact when speaking to others has a huge effect on the conversation. Have you ever been talking to somebody and instantly felt connected? Like you’ve known this person forever? Chances are, they understand the importance of body language, and proper eye-contact.

3. Goal Setting. Goal setting is talked about by everybody, and most people understand the importance of this process. Then why do most people miss their mark? Because they don’t have the discipline and confidence to see the goal through. Our process teaches you the right way to set goals and actually achieve them!

4. Communication. Inspiring those around you is critical to getting what you want. Whether they are your children, co-workers, employees or boss, good leaders are inspirational. We teach this inspirational formula.

5. Mentors. All of the skills above, a healthy body and mind combined with a good mentor or two will make all the difference in the world for your happiness and success.

If you’re keen on all things MMA and self-defense we recommend the online training course packed with tips, techniques and training from professional tutors. Take yourself to the top of the game without years of expensive classes from amateur teachers!